Wika L990.10 Standard Threaded Welded Diaphragm Seal

Process industry diaphragm seal to combine bourdon tube pressure gauges. Intended for corrosive, contaminated, hot or viscous pressure media.

Multi-purpose diaphragm seal
Threaded process connection
Diaphragm welded to upper housing

The diaphragm is welded to the upper housing which allows the replacement of the lower housing without jeopardizing the integrity of the system fill fluid and installed instrument. The upper and lower housing are bolted together and sealed by use of an O-ring. Process wetted components can be manufactured with solid metallic and nonmetallic materials.

Pressure Rating
Maximum1: 3,675 psi

Suitable Pressure Span
Minimum2: Gauge (Range3): 2½", > 15 psi 4" or 4½", > 15 psi
Pressure Transmitters (TRONIC)4: > 15 psiOperating Temperature5: -130°F to 752°F (-90°C to 400°C)

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Wika Type L990.10 Diaphragm Seal Data Sheet
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L990.10 1/2 X1 /2F SS SS-0S SS VI
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