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The Porter Model 8286 Regulator utilizes a pneumatically balanced poppet valve to ensure maximum stability over wide variations in supply pressure. It is direct acting, non-relieving and is supplied with a replaceable sintered stainless steel cartridge filter on the inlet. It can be equipped with a stainless diaphragm for reduced permeability. The Porter Model 8286 is performance tested under simulated operating conditions and is cleaned for analytical instrument service.

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Model 8286 Data Sheet
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Contact Information
Toll Free: 855-288-5330
Fax: 248-288-4204
Email: mechanicalsales@forberg.com
8286 AMBF-10
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PORTER REGULATORBody Material: Aluminum
Inlet Pressure Max: 250 psig
Outlet Pressure Range: 0 - 10 psig
Seat Material: Buna N
Diaphragm: Fairprene BN-5029
Inlet / Outlet Size: 1/8" FNPT
Flow Rate: 50 SLPH Helium