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Wika Type TI.901 9" Industrial Glass Thermometer Adjustable Connection

Retro-Fits Existing Thread Sizes
Easy-to-Read Face
HVAC/R Applications

WIKA's TI.901 (9") industrial glass thermometers offer quick, easy-to-read temperature measurement for tough applications. Glass/mineral reinforced GE Valox® housings and spring mounted windows contribute to impact, shock and vibration resistance. WIKA industrial glass thermometers are the ideal choice for process piping, HVAC/R applications, diesel engines and compressors.

Standard Features
- Case: V-shaped case parts are molded of rugged
GE Valox® 735 polyester, finished in textured
black. Heavy glass window is spring-mounted to
prevent rattles.
- Stem: To ensure sensitivity, bulb chambers are
precision ground aluminum, tapered for a closetolerance
metal-to-metal contact with matching
tapered socket. Graphite is used as a conductor
between bulb chamber and glass tube.
- Locking Device: Independent adjustable case
locknut and angle adjusting screw provide 360°
positioning of case and stem.
- Adjustable Joint: Matching GE Valox® joint
completely encloses capillary for thermal system
- Tube and Capillary: Blue liquid (non-mercury fill)
standard; magnifying lens tube is silicone shockmounted
to increase service life. Guaranteed
accurate to within +1% of scale range.
- Scale: Permanently baked-on, bold black
graduations are printed on white-coated aluminum.
No mounting screws obscure scale. Scale
adjusts through locking device at top of instrument.
- Accuracy: +1% of full scale range

If you do not see the Wika Thermometer you are looking for. Please contact the Forberg Scientific Mechanical Sales Team at 248-288-5330 for pricing and availability.

You can also contact the Mechanical Sales Team at the following email: mechanicalsales@forberg.com

Wika Type TI.901 Mechanical Temperature Gauge Data Sheet
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