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Wika Type TI.62104 6" Back Mount Industrial Glass Small Compact Design
Retro-Fits Existing Thread Sizes
Small Compact Design
Accuracy + 1% full scale

WIKA's 6" industrial glass thermometers are ideal for process piping, HVAC/R applications, diesel engines, compressors, and brine lines. This series of thermometers is manufactured in straight and back connected configurations, and come with a standard dual threaded brass socket with both ½" and ¾" NPT connections.

Standard Features
- Case: V-shaped gray GE Valox® ; wide angle construction
- Glass Front: Protective glass cover retained within outer
edges of case. Spring pressure created by V-scale
secures glass against case and prevents rattling. Cover
plate completes assembly.
- Tube and Scale: Blue liquid (non-mercury fill).
V-shaped scale designed with extra large black
numbers. Crosslocked scale holding device prevents
loosening or shifting of scale and removes holes
and screws that interfere with scale markings or numerals.
- Stem and Socket Assembly: Brass stem ensures fast
response to temperature changes. The standard socket is
made of brass and dual threaded for ½" and ¾" NPT.
- Accuracy: +1% of full scale range

If you do not see the Wika Thermometer you are looking for. Please contact the Forberg Scientific Mechanical Sales Team at 248-288-5330 for pricing and availability.

You can also contact the Mechanical Sales Team at the following email:

Wika Type TI.61102 Mechanical Temperature Gauge Data Sheet
Find The TI.61102 Wika Mechanical Temperature Gauge That Meets your Application Needs
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