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Wika TI.V20 / TI.V25, TIV35 / TI.V45 Vapor Actuated Thermometers

Remote Reading
Highly Accurate
Refrigeration Applications

WIKA's vapor actuated thermometers are highly accurate and provide remote reading. They are available in U-clamp, front flange or back flange case configurations. WIKA's vapor actuated thermometers are well suited for refrigeration, solar heating, and water treatment applications.

Standard Features
- Case: Stainless steel
- Accuracy: ±1 scale division
- Movement: Heavy duty brass, rotary type
- Ring: Snap-in O-ring
- Window: Glass or polycarbonate
- Pointer: Aluminum, adjustable, black finish
- Dial: Aluminum, white background, black graduations
- Bourdon Tube: Phosphor bronze, soldered to socket and tip
- Process Connection: Plain, union or thermowell
- Bulb: Copper or stainless steel
- Capillary: Copper- plain or with braid armor; stainless
steel- plain; stainless steel or with stainless steel interlocking armor

If you do not see the Wika Thermometer you are looking for. Please contact the Forberg Scientific Mechanical Sales Team at 248-288-5330 for pricing and availability.

You can also contact the Mechanical Sales Team at the following email: mechanicalsales@forberg.com

Wika Type TI.VXX Mechanical Temperature Gauge Data Sheet
Find The TI.VXX Wika Mechanical Temperature Gauge That Meets your Application Needs
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