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Wika TI-TSG60 Gas Actuated Temperature Switch Bottom Connected Back Flange

Temperature Switch Gauge
Extremely Accurate
Switch Rating up to 10 Amps

WIKA’s TI.TSG60 offers users an unprecedented combination of industrial strength performance with unmatched precision. This 6" gas actuated thermometer is accurate to within 1½% of scale and can tolerate up to 50% over range temperatures. Sealed inside the rugged stainless steel case are up to four single pole, double throw 10 amp switches for enabling a variety of switching actions. The thermal system is stainless steel, and filled with inert nitrogen making the TI.TSG60 ideal for steel and paper mills, refineries, petrochemical, and food and pharmaceutical plants.

Standard Features
- Case and Bezel: 304 Sstainless steel, 6.25" diameter
- Case Style: Bottom connected back flange
- Process Connection: 3/8" x 3" 316 stainless steel
bulb with 12" or 18" bendable extension, and ½" NPT
one-time compression fitting
- Window: Lexan®
- Range: 11 standard ranges available.
- Over Range: 50% up to 500°F, except 10% on
0 -120°C and 0 - 250°F
- Capillary: Stainless steel with stainless steel
interlocking armor; up to 99'
- Switch Rating: 10 amp @ 125/250 VAC, non-inductive;
5 amp @ 120 VAC, inductive; ½ amp @ 125 VDC,
non-inductive; ¼ amp @ 250 VDC, non-inductive

If you do not see the Wika Thermometer you are looking for. Please contact the Forberg Scientific Mechanical Sales Team at 248-288-5330 for pricing and availability.

You can also contact the Mechanical Sales Team at the following email:

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