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Balston Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters

Prevent oil backstreaming
Protect the vacuum pump from damage by solids and liquids
Increase productivity be eliminating costly shutdown time and maintenance
Prevent loss of valuable or hazardous materials
Extremely long filter life
Superior chemical and solvent resistance

Balston Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter housings are constructed of 304 stainless steel for hazardous/ corrosive applications, low vacuum aluminum or steel housings are recommended. Two different filter cartridge designs are offered: The grade 30 filter cartridges offer high efficiency removal of relatively large quantities of solids and liquids to prevent damage to the pump and loss of valuable or hazardous material. The grade 102 filter cartridges prevent oil backstreaming from the pump to the evacuated chamber, while at the same time protect the pump from damage by submicron particles at a low concentration.

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Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust and Inlet Filter Specification
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