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If you are looking for a consistant way to measure motor oils or other light oils check out the LM50 lube flow meter family. GPI offers pulse output lube meters, mechanical lube flow meters, and an electronic digital display lube flow meters. This is an oval gear lube flow meter that can help you measure oil you are dispensing of or if you are measuring industrial lubricant. These lube oil flow meters are calibrated to read in gallons and liters per minute. LM50 meters also have two totals in which case one is resettable and the other gives you cumulative flow totals. These oval gear lube flow meters are available in 1/2 inch models.

Flow Meters for use with:
Motor Oils
Dispensing of Oil
Industrial Lubricants
Light Oils

If you would like to purchase a GPI LM Series Lube flow meter please contact the Forberg Scientific Process Team at 248-288-5990.

You can contact the Process Team by the following email: processsales@forberg.com

LM50 Data Sheet
LM50 Instruction Manual
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