• Nelson’s Type LLT self-regulating heater cable is ideal for use in maintaining fluid flow under low ambient conditions.
• Freeze protection and low watt density process temperature systems that require extended continuous circuit lengths.

Nelson Type LLT heater cable is parallel, self regulating with a radiation crosslinked conductive heating core extruded continuously over two parallel 10-gauge bus wires. A primary dielectric jacket is thermally bonded to the heating core to prevent moisture penetration and a secondary dielectric jacket is extruded over the first. Heater construction includes a tinned copper braid and an over jacket.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
SRHC LLT 7W 240V w/Jacket Over Metal BraidSelf-Regulating Heater Cable, Wattage: 2, Service Voltage: 240, Jacket: Fluoropolymer Jacket Over Metal Braid, Max Maintenance Temp: 150°F (65°C), Max Intermittent Exposure: 185°F (85°C), T-Rating: T5