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AI-Tek Bi-directional, zero velocity sensors are self-calibrating to the specific customer application and provide two independent frequency outputs and a direction signal output to indicate change in direction of the sensed, ferrous target.

The Bi-directional sensor can also be referred to as a dual channel sensor since it utilizes two Hall effect sensing elements, physically offset from each other. Each element generates a single channel of target information, identical in frequency and polarity, but offset in the time domain (phase shifted). Special circuits inside the sensor are designed to calibrate each channel to its application target, then analyze these two channels of information for a phase lead / lag condition. The direction output will then provide a logic 1 level for clockwise or a logic 0 for counterclockwise rotation, assuming proper sensor orientation.

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AI-TEK Bi-Directional, Hex Body with 6 Pin Connector Data Sheet
AI-TEK Bi-Directional, Round Body with Connector Data Sheet
Item IDDescriptionQuantity
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AI-TEK HALL EFFECT SPEED SENSORBody: HEX Body 300 SS Thread: 1.5 IN - 5/8-18 Overall Length: 3.875 IN Supply Power: 10-28 VDC Output: TTL Compatible
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AI-TEK HALL EFFECT SPEED SENSORBody:Round Body 300 SS Thread: ..625-18-UNF-2AS Overall Length: 3.875 IN Supply Power: 10 - 28 VDC
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AI-TEK HALL EFFECT SPEED SENSORBI-DIRECTIONAL Body: HEX Body 300 SS Thread: .750-20 UNEF-2A X 1.500 IN Overall Length: 4.750 IN